A Dog’s Life


After having been asked about my border collie, Jess, I thought I’d write a little bit about her.

She’s around three and a half years old and came from a dog rescue kennels not far from here. She’s the latest in a long line of rescued dogs and my fourth collie. When I collected her she was about 10 months or so old, stick-thin and semi-feral.


The first week home

I don’t think she’d ever been in a house before. Her background was a little hazy, but she’s very good natured and friendly so I don’t think she was beaten, but was obviously seriously neglected. She’d only been in the kennels for a few days when I picked her up so I had to carry on with the treatment she had begun for worms, fleas and ticks that she’d acquired. As well as going for walks, I spent about ten minutes a day teaching her the usual sit, stay, recall etc, which has paid off. She comes out with me more often than not, and I’ve even taught her a few basic commands around sheep, which come in handy now and again when collecting escapees from the neighbour’s fields.


She gets jittery with bangy things, especially fireworks. Collies seem particularly sensitive to them, although, my last one, Shadow, was oblivious to all of that sort of thing. He was a lovely dog. I only had him for about 3 years but we had such a close bond. I was so very upset when he died.




So that’s Jess. A lively and loyal companion who’s a joy to have around. I can’t rescue them all, but hopefully I can at least help a few of them have a better life than the ones they found themselves in through no fault of their own.


 Two old friends



14 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

    • Thank you. That was well spotted. As far as I know he was a cross between a Cairn and a Lhasa Apso. His name was Bramble and I got him from a rescue centre when he was about 4 years old. He was about sixteen when he died last year. He was best of chums with the dog next to him – another rescue. He was a Rhodesian Ridgeback x German Shepherd and was such a gentle soul. As you can imagine, between the two of them Bramble was in charge. I spotted your two on your blog. They look like a couple of characters and reminded me of Bramble.


  1. Bramble is a great name for a dog! Of course he was in charge. My two are hysterical, full Cairns, know that rear end a mile off. Its usually my eldest Peedie who stands, quite sternly refusing to walk/get in the car/etc – Loving your writing but don’t get to comment much – thanks for such a lovely start to my day!


  2. Jess is so very cute and gorgeous! I’ve only had rescued dogs and my last one, Rigpa, is already 13! Her ‘brother’ passed away last year from renal disease at the age of 13 and it was rather painful for us. Luckily we had Rigpa to keep us going 🙂


    • Thanks for dropping in. Thirteen is still a pretty good age for a dog, but it’s always very upsetting when their time comes. I had a peek at the pics of yours. Rigpa reminds me of a rescued collie x I had a few years ago.


  3. Beautiful dog. They are amazing creatures. I would love a lurcher/collie cross. It was my plan to foster … but I don’t have enough room at the moment, not for a big dog anyway and I’ve always had quite large dogs and always rescue ones. I don’t understand why people keep breeding when the rescue centres are so full that they’re turning dogs away.


  4. Hi, I wasn’t sure if you had a blog site somewhere. Anyway, thanks for the comment. I’ve not been on this site for quite a while so was surprised to get it. You’re dead right, there are too many dogs being bred, and horses too. Every time I’ve ben to a rescue centre to take a dog home there have been another dozen I could have happily taken.


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