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I live and work in the Kent countryside with my young border collie. I’m an enthusiastic grower, outdoor potterer-at-large and  general moocher. These are my first attempts at jotting down my thoughts and observations of the time and tide of the seasons as they pass through my humble plot and the surrounding countryside.

All photos and illustrations in this blog are my own.

Jack Towers



5 thoughts on “About

      • Thanks, very kind of you to say. My gardening is not near your standard, I lose patience too easily. I’m trying to keep up with it this year though, home grown is a great achievement!


        • I’ve always felt that growing things teaches you patience, and as you say, you can get a lot of satisfaction from growing you own food, even if it’s just a few things in pots. I think the key to gardening for pleasure is to only grow what you have the time or the inclination for – it becomes a chore otherwise.


  1. Hi Jack. I thought I would return the favor and take a peek at your blog! Wonderful pictures and such a lovely garden! I have a very small space here, but enjoy gardening so much. I’m lucky enough to live in the Somerset countryside, near a little crop of woods with spectacular woods surrounding me, I feel very lucky indeed! Your place looks just as wonderful 🙂


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